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She Was A Warrior Princess-The Daughters of Zelophehad

Warrior Princess, the daughters of Zelophehad Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah in Numbers 27 fought for what they believe was theirs. They lived in a time where inheritances of the father were left to sons, well their father didn't have sons, so these warrior princesses knew they had to fight for the name of their father and their inheritance.

As daughters of the Most High King, we didn't have to fight our eternal inheritance, Jesus did all the fighting for us. However, we have an enemy who works to rob us from the blessings we receive for that inheritance. These blessings are the added addition to the will and testament of our Heavenly Father that was set before us when we became His children. He allows us to cash in on some of these benefits and blessings in our daily lives. Those blessings are His peace, His love, His promises, His provision, His grace, and His joy. The enemy and the things of this world will love to steal those blessings right from under us.

I would like to encourage you today with a reminder, you already have your eternal inheritance. One day you will live out the richest of His glory until then fight for the gifts and blessings that He offers to you today, you deserve to live like a princess, a Warrior Princess every day in the Richness of your Heavenly Father and King.