WPA Inspirations

Maggy Delaney



Warrior Princess, Stop! and change your mindset and start accepting the truth, God’s Truth.

Here are things we need to Stop!

Stop believing the lie. 

Stop making excuses.  

Stop with the bad self-talk and start speaking His Truth.  

Stop with the self-sabotage and allow yourself to move forward.

Stop accepting the world's view of beauty and see yourself AS Beautiful.

Stop giving yourself away to those who only want to steal your soul. You deserve God’s best.

Stop allowing others to define you and accept the truth You Are good enough.  

Stop living your life in the future and start living today. God wants to use you now.

Stop allowing yourself to be chained down to your past; You Are Free.

Stop believing that you are not loved, for the Lord says “Because you are precious in my sight and honored, and I LOVE YOU…”

Speak His Truth which allows you to move forward. You are Beautiful, You deserve His best, You are Good Enough, He wants to use you, and You are Free. WHY? Because You are Precious in His sight, you are honored and He Loves you!


Because you are precious in my sight and honored, and I love you....
— Isaiah 43:4
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